NYC Is Crazy For Hunger Games

Crowd outside B&N for Hunger Games castThis post is going to be a race against the NyQuil. Here goes…

Maggie challenged me to write about Hunger Games every day this week. I haven’t lived up to the goal, but I’m not entirely giving up.

Speaking of Maggie, on Tuesday we found ourselves strolling through Union Square together. “What’s that big crowd doing outside of Union Square?” she asked. And then I remembered. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson of the Hunger Games movie were making an appearance at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. But what we thought was simply a lot of people in front of the store (see my picture), was actually a line several blocks long. According to GalleyCat, people had been camping out for 24 hours in hopes of getting an autograph.

While I’m certainly looking forward to the movie (I already have tickets to a Sunday afternoon show), I feel no need to meet the cast. They aren’t even that famous… yet. But it was amusing to see all the craziness.

All the magic starts tonight at midnight. Happy Hunger Games Opening Night!


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