Go For The Gold in Memory

USA Memory ChampionshipI’ve been listening to Walking With Einstein for a few weeks now and the story mostly revolves around the USA Memory Championship. The author, Joshua Foer, originally gets interested in memory covering the event and then decides to enter himself for the next year’s competition.

This all made me curious. I decided to do a little research (ie Googling) to find out more about the contest. It turns out the 15th Annual USA Memory Championship is this Saturday. The events include Names and Faces, Speed Numbers, Speed Cards, Poetry, Spoken Words, Double Deck O’Cards, and Three Strikes Your Out. Listen to Walking With Einstein and you will at least know what a few of these entail. I know way more about them than I ever thought I would.

This is probably the only year this competition will ever be on my radar. Still, now I’m kind of interested to see how it all turns out.


4 responses to “Go For The Gold in Memory

  1. phyllis groskind

    Did you go to the Memory contest? Phyllis

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