The Hunger Games Movie Happened

Hunger Games movieSo this is my last Hunger Games post for a while… I think. I make no promises of course. But how could I not update you after actually seeing the Hunger Games movie in theaters yesterday?

I showed up to the movie with a huge posse (as per usual?). Even before we took over almost an entire row, we were chatting about our expectations, our Peeta/Gale allegiances, etc. After the movie ended, we picked up right where we left off.

I thought the movie was great. Pretty much all of the casting was spot-on and the acting was excellent. I also felt that the visuals were really eye-catching and well-done (though some of the camera work had me feeling nauseous and as if I was actually in the Hunger Games). The parts of the movie about Rue were some of my favorite.

The one area I thought the movie faltered in a little bit was portraying the relationships between the characters. I understand that at 2.5 hours the movie is already long enough and could not fit in any more explanation. Still, I didn’t think Katniss and Gale’s relationship was fully displayed nor did I think a credible relationship between Katniss and Peeta was established. I blame the change in perspective for this. The book is told from Katniss’ point of view so the reader is in her head and knows exactly what she is thinking about the people in her life. However, it’s a little hard to film a movie that way.

The plus of the movie’s perspective is that we can see more of The Capital’s intervention. When Katniss is doing too well, you see the gamemakers scheming to flush her out of the woods, and so forth. It added something to view that side of the action.

Okay, between endless in person Hunger Games conversations and this blog post, I think that is more than enough analysis of a movie with purely entertainment value. So let’s conclude with, I really enjoyed it! If you liked the books, you should go see the movies. I may now have a small girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.


2 responses to “The Hunger Games Movie Happened

  1. I did think the camera work was a little jumpy and it made me nauseous. Which is weird cause I don’t typically get nauseous with that type of work (i.e. I enjoyed Blair Witch Project)

    But I did immediately pick up the book and will be reading it in Memphis this weekend!

    • Ah I am excited to hear your perspective as someone who saw the movie first. I feel like most people do things the opposite way. See you so soon!

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