Reading For Robin Goes To Memphis

MemphisOkay, to be honest the blog is not going to Memphis, just I am. The blog will be left here in New York, sad and alone and probably without a new post until Tuesday.

But while the blog is throwing a party in my empty apartment, I’ll be at a party of a different sort in Tennessee. I’m excited!

While my schedule in Memphis is pretty packed, my hours on the plane are blissfully free for reading. I’ll be finishing up the book I’m reading now and hopefully making a dent in the next one. Unfortunately, they are both books for work that aren’t out yet so not much to talk about here. Once they’re done, though, I’m moving on… to Fifty Shades of Grey and all the erotica I could hope for (and much, much more I’m sure).

After all that, I promise I’m getting back to my mom’s list.


One response to “Reading For Robin Goes To Memphis

  1. I would love to fly somewhere and Memphis sounds pretty good to me lol. and as for reading πŸ™‚ my most favorite pastime LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOKS

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