I’m Back… Sort Of

Elvis PresleyI have returned from the my sojourn in the South. The weekend was great, and we packed as much Memphisness into a few mere days as humanly possible. We ate BBQ (maybe more than once), walked down Beale Street, saw the Mighty Mississippi, and toured Graceland. On top of that there was a party, a dinner, and a brunch, oh my.

Which is all why I say I am only sort of back. As for my location, yes I am in New York. As for my state of mind, hard to tell. I am still exhausted so I don’t have much bookish news to share except that I am reading work books as fast as possible to prepare for an upcoming presentation.

However, I can’t spend a weekend full of events without having at least one book-related a-ha moment. This weekend’s came, surprisingly enough, via Graceland. I learned that in addition to having terrible decorating taste, Elvis was a huge fan of reading and kept a trunk full of books.

I learn something fun, new, and reading-related every day!


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