Dipping Into Fifty Shades

Seder plateI have been a bad blogger lately. And, if I’m being honest, I’ve been a bad reader too. Last week little things like taxes, work, wedding dresses, and chocolate covered matzah making really monopolized my time. And things don’t seem to be getting a whole lot less busy.

For example, this weekend hasn’t been quite as reading heavy as I thought it would be either. Passover seders, and preparing for them, took up most of my book time. But I did finish my book for work, which leaves me free to start… Fifty Shades of Grey! It’s about time. I’ve only been talking about it (and blogging about it) for weeks now. And with minimum days left before book club, I should probably be getting to it.

As much as it was not a book club pick I necessarily agreed with, we haven’t even met yet and the book has already generated tons of conversations. With people of all sorts too – friends, acquaintances, and friends’ dads alike.

If you see me blushing on the subway, you’ll know what I’m reading.


4 responses to “Dipping Into Fifty Shades

  1. Does Fifty Shades of Grey have an audio book? Now that could be interesting…

  2. It does have an audiobook! And I was just thinking about how awkward it would be to hear it all spoken aloud.

  3. Who does the voices?

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