My Next Audiobook Is Making Me Hungry

Kitchen ConfidentialI haven’t started a new audiobook since I finished Moonwalking With Einstein almost two weeks ago. That’s probably the longest I’ve gone without an audiobook in process in quite some time.

The main reason I haven’t been listening is laziness. At first I enjoyed the break and filled it with music. Then I just never managed to make it onto to pick out something and load it onto my device. Last night, the need to find a topic to blog about was just the motivation I required to get myself back on the listening wagon.

The only problem left was deciding what to listen to. I posed this question to Andrew: “Food or running?” As usual, he had no idea what I was talking about. I elaborated that my next audiobook would either be Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential or Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. Both had been recommended to me and both had amazing reviews on Audible. Of course for Andrew, it wasn’t much of a question at all. Food, duh.

So now Anthony Bourdain will be keeping me company for the next few weeks. I’m a little nervous as I know he’s the “no-holds-barred” type. And even though I titled this post the way I did, I’m concerned that I will never want to eat out again after hearing his behind-the-scenes tales. One Audible review said as much.

And after all of that audio gluttony, it will definitely be time for a little exercise. Thus Born to Run will likely be next up.


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