Lisa Simpson Should Join Our Book Club

Lisa Simpson readingI’m going to be honest, I thought I already posted about this, but a quick search on the blog suggests that maybe I haven’t. So going on the assumption that I haven’t, here’s what I’ve come across.

It’s the Lisa Simpson Book Club! A blog I recently started following, Book Riot, led me to a tumblr called, well, The Lisa Simpson Book Club. It seeks to chronicle all of the reading little sister Lisa Simpson has done on the show The Simpsons. It seems she’s read everything from Jonathan Franzen and Amy Tan to The Babysitter’s Club and Harry Potter.

This catches my eye because I used to be an avid Simpsons fan. I haven’t watched in well over 10 years, but at one point I had seen every episode and quoted it extensively. Cool, I know. I didn’t often find myself identifying with Lisa (or really any character on the show), but perhaps we have more in common than I previously thought. I know I’m talking about a yellow cartoon character, but we share a bond of bookwormery.

It’s still not as great as when I found Rory Gilmore’s reading list though. Gilmore Girls, I miss you.


4 responses to “Lisa Simpson Should Join Our Book Club

  1. You could always watch all of Gilmore Girls over again. I wouldn’t judge…

  2. I was reruns all the time on SoapNet. Don’t judge!

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