Next Up: Good Girls Gone Bad

Good Girls Gone BadIt has been way too long since I’ve read something from my mom’s list. Work books and book club books all got in the way, but I’m back and ready to check another one off.

Since Jillian Medoff just recently (and very generously) sent me a signed copy of her book, Good Girls Gone Bad, it seems like the perfect choice for my next read.

The book jacket copy goes a little something like this:

When Janey Fabre joins group therapy, she’s convinced the other women she meets are ten times loopier than she is. Over time, however, Janey and the girls learn to trust each other, so much so that the outrageous scheme they concoct for asserting themselves actually beings to make sense, and suddenly they’re embroiled in a reckless misadventure that wreaks havoc on their lives but ultimately illuminates the power of loyalty and true meaning of friendship.

But Medoff is quick to point out that all is not as it seems. In her email to me, Medoff explained that Good Girls Gone Bad was marketed as a tale of female hijinks when in fact it is a dark satire. She elaborates on her website where she says, “This book is dark, certainly darker than how it’s described by the HarperCollins publicity department. In fact, in some ways, the book I wrote has no relationship whatsoever to this jacket copy. To me, this book is about families; the whole girl-on-girl, madcap hijinks are merely a device for the narrator to get to her past.”

With all that in mind, I’m looking forward to reading it and figuring out what’s really what.


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