A Jonathan Tropper Update

One Last Thing Before I GoAs a quick refresher, my mom introduced me to Jonathan Tropper’s novels a few years ago with This Is Where I Leave You. I went on to read The Book of Joe and have since been a big fan.

Then back in December, a tweet alerted me to the fact that Tropper would have a new book this fall. Now, a BookPage post has given me more information about this highly anticipated (by me) novel.

For one thing, it now has a title and a cover. The title is One Last Thing Before I Go, which just sounds like a Jonathan Tropper title, and the cover is, well, seen here. But best of all, there’s a description. The publisher describes the book as such:

Silver has begun to accept that life isn’t going to turn out as he expected. The exwife he’s remained friends with is about to marry a terrific guy Silver can’t quite bring himself to hate. And his Princeton-bound teenage daughter has just confided in him that she’s pregnant—because he’s the one she cares least about letting down. As the wedding looms and the pregnancy sinks in, this broken family struggles, bonds, and wrestles with each member’s individual anxieties. Lives begin anew, change radically, or, in Silver’s case—as he discovers that he could die at any moment without an operation he refuses to have—may be about to end in an instant.

Yes, it sounds a lot like Jonathan Tropper’s other novels, full of fun family dysfunction. Then again, I liked Jonathan Tropper’s other novels so I’m not complaining.

With an on-sale date of August 21, this sounds like the perfect honeymoon read.

[Update: Jonathan Tropper just tweeted that the book actually goes on sale September 25. Sigh, so much for honeymoon reading. Unless someone out there can get me an advance copy. Anyone? Anyone?]


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