Janey Lives Where I Work

23rd StreetI love when books are set in New York. It’s fun to decide what’s realistic, what’s not, and how many places I recognize. Jillian Medoff’s Good Girls Gone Bad hit very close to home.

Her main character, Janey, lives right around the corner from my office. She writes, “I live in a high-rise on the corner of Twenty-third Street and Second Avenue. Every morning on my way to the subway, I pass a residence for the deaf, a halfway house for the mentally ill, United Cerebral Palsy, and a school for the blind. Twenty-third Street is not a forgiving place, even for New York City.”

My office is in this same neighborhood. I can’t verify all the claims, but it is definitely right near United Cerebral Palsy and a school for the blind, so I’m apt to believe the rest of the description. It’s neat (to people my age use that word?) to recognize the places I see everyday in a novel.

Of course, I don’t have the feeling that the area is unforgiving. That’s perhaps because I’m not quite as crazy as Janey, but who knows. Maybe I’m just an optimist.

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