The Eaaaarly Morning Flight… And Books!

Alec Baldwin on sleeping on planesYesterday I took the ever popular (I’m looking at you, Steph) 6 am flight back to New York from Florida. This is a good flight because it allows you to have a full day at your destination the day before without taking any extra vacation days. This is a bad flight because, well, did you read the part about it being at 6 am? Andrew and I woke up at 3:45 am to drive to the airport, return our rental car, and be on time for this flight. I am not a happy camper at this hour.

I think in general I wouldn’t mind this flight if I slept better one planes. Unfortunately, I struggle with the whole sleeping on a plane thing. This means that I am tired all day and way beyond the energy to write a complete, well-thought out blog post the same day (as evidenced here). Nevertheless, this also means I get even more time to read. Yesterday, I just about finished the book I was reading for work… and all before 9 am.

Now that leaves me free and clear to start the next thing on my (mom’s) list… The Next Thing On My List. (This joke never gets old.) That is, of course, once I’ve recovered from sleep deprivation.



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