Mary Higgins Clark Under My Bed

Stillwatch by Mary Higgins ClarkWho knew a Mary Higgins Clark has been under my bed… for years! Before you call the cops, let me clarify that I mean a Mary Higgins Clark, not the Mary Higgins Clark.

Yesterday, in my attempt to keep the apartment organized, I decided to finally find a place for some extra pillows. The only place I could think of was in my suitcase which is under the bed. Turns out, I had already had this idea before. Inside the suitcase was another suitcase, and inside that suitcase were… pillows. I could have tried to find another storage place, but instead I just shoved the extra pillows in with the rest of the lot, sat on the whole thing to zip it, and shoved it back under the bed. In this process I felt something hard in the front pocket of the suitcase. It was a Mary Higgins Clark book titled Stillwatch.

I have no idea how the book got there. Or when the book got there. The suitcase came from my home in Florida at least a few years ago, but I don’t know how long we’ve owned it. It’s pretty well documented on the blog that in my youth I was quite the big Mary Higgins Clark fan. I have to imagine that my mom was the one to introduce me to her books. Still, the paperback I found doesn’t sound familiar. You know, besides the fact that, if you’ve read any Mary Higgins Clark books, than most Mary Higgins Clark books sound a little familiar.

The book is a mystery! Literally and figuratively.


2 responses to “Mary Higgins Clark Under My Bed

  1. I really wanted another suitcase to be in that second suitcase. Give it a real Russian Nesting Doll vibe to the story.

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