When a Hero Comes Along

Mariah Carey's Music BoxI love when my real life and my book life mirror one another. Saturday night I went to a bar to bid farewell to my friend Bari, who is moving to Pennsylvania. It was a fun night. There was (for once) room to move in the bar and the DJ was playing all the best songs. When Fantasy by Mariah Carey came on I was thrilled. It spurred a discussion on the diva’s all-time greatest songs and I obviously had to offer up Hero. Growing up, one of my favorite songs, and the only one I knew all the words to, was Mariah Carey’s Hero.

Cue Dani and I belting it out regardless of what was actually playing on the speakers.

Come Sunday, I spent the morning relaxing on the couch and reading. All of a sudden, the main character of The Next Thing On My List is in her car and Mariah Carey’s Hero comes on! It’s as if author Jill Smolinski knew exactly what I was thinking.

If nothing else, we both have an appreciation for quality ’90s music. I like that in an author.

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