The Giver Gives Again

The GiverI don’t re-read books… well, not on purpose anyway. There was that one time where I re-read Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle, but that was totally an accident. I didn’t remember that I’d already read it.

Despite my anti-re-read policy, I find myself reading a book for the second time. And it’s completely on purpose!

Book Expo America, or BEA as it is called, is a huge book conference in June. It takes place in the far corners of the universe called the Javits Center and features tons of publisher booths, author events, book signings, and more. One of my favorite parts is the author breakfasts. Even though this requires me being up and at the Javits Center before the crack of dawn (okay, 8am is hardly the crack of dawn but humor me), last year I found it to be very worth it. I got to hear my favorite, Mindy Kaling, speak as well as Diane Keaton, Charlaine Harris, and Jeffrey Eugenides. This year I’m doubling my fun by going to two breakfasts. I will hear everyone from Michael Chabon (love me some Kavalier and Clay!), JR Moehringer (hello, a book from my mom’s list), John Green, and Lois Lowry present.

Lois Lowry is a pretty big deal. She’s won two Newberry Medals – one for Number The Stars and one for The Giver. While I’ve read and liked both, it is The Giver that’s stuck with me. At least 15 years after reading it, I don’t remember much about the plot except the feeling that I loved it.

It turns out that since I read The Giver in elementary school there has been a sequel or two. I don’t know how I feel about that but I don’t think I like it. However, it still can’t quite taint my adoration for the original. In order to prepare for the big event of seeing Lowry in the flesh, I’ve decided to break my re-read rule.

Yesterday I started reading The Giver all over again. I’m already 25% through with the novel and it’s not hard to remember why I love it. Maybe this re-reading thing isn’t so bad. As long as it’s only done once every 15 years.


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