Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines

New York Public LibraryI’ve mentioned many times on this blog how I need to start going to the library. I applied for a library card which I received three years ago (oops!), but have never activated. But I’m starting to remember one of the drawbacks to libraries… There’s so much pressure!

Let me go rewind to say that I had a very busy weekend. It was a very fun but very busy weekend. There was a trip to Long Island complete with a pool, a BBQ, and a crashed party to watch fireworks. There was a full day of fun festivities for Andrew’s birthday. And there was a friend from out of town and lots of walking to show off my city. What all that means is very little time for reading. I didn’t miss it because I was having such a great time.

Then came the realization that the book I’m reading, Overseas, comes with a deadline. I borrowed it from a friend who had borrowed it from the library. The book is due back at the library this Friday. This means I need to read it, like, now. I haven’t felt this much pressure to finish a book since I was in college and cramming for class. It’s a good thing I’m liking the book!

I’ve already wasted too much reading time writing this post. I’ll be back when I’m done!


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