Overseas Is Over

OverseasApparently all it takes is a strict deadline to kick my reading into gear. I finished Beatriz Williams’ Overseas a whopping two days before it is due back to the library.

My feelings on the book are mixed. For one thing, time travel makes my head hurt. Just trying to figure out the logistics causes the room to start spinning for me. And it doesn’t seem like Beatriz herself spent all that much time trying to figure out the logistics either. But fine, I can suspend disbelief.

My next opinion might be an unpopular one, but I saw some similarities between Overseas and Fifty Shades of Grey. Stay with me here. Overseas isn’t kinky or dirty. And the writing is much better… like worlds better. However, a similar rich guy, average girl dynamic exists. And both share a love of old-fashioned endearments. Of course, they make a lot more sense in Overseas than Fifty Shades of Grey considering the main character is actually from the early 1900s.

Anyway, in the end these are all just minor quibbles. I found Overseas a fast, enjoyable read. I love a good whirlwind love story. It’s fun to lose yourself in the romance. You just can’t think too hard about it.

And now that the pressure is off, I have time to move on to So You Think You Can Dance episodes Anita Diamant’s Day After Night. Well, after this one more So You Think You Can Dance episode.


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