This Is Where I Leave You Movie!

This Is Where I leave YouThe other day Carley sent me some pretty exciting news: Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You will be a movie! I loved this book so I am thrilled it will be coming to the big screen.

And it gets better. Adam Shankman has signed on to direct. If you’ve never heard of Shankman, you clearly haven’t watched enough of my favorite summer TV show. He is a director, producer, actor, dancer, choreographer, and, oh yeah, judge on So You Think You Can Dance. Even though the movie has nothing to do with dance, but that still makes him good enough in my book.

And it gets better. Jason Bateman, Zac Efron, and Leslie Mann are all in talks to star in the film. Goldie Hawn is supposedly circling it too. Hawn is the only Jew among the group (the book is based on a Jewish family sitting shiva) and these aren’t the faces I pictured when reading This Is How I Leave You, but I like them all. I’m interested in seeing how they pull it off.

Now how long will I have to wait until this thing is in theaters??


4 responses to “This Is Where I Leave You Movie!

  1. Goldie Hawn is 50% Jewish. Zac Efron is 25% Jewish.

    But he looks like Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish.

  2. Movie?? I love Tropper! Can’t wait!

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