Kangoo Shoes and Me

I’m still listening to the Born to Run audiobook, and while it hasn’t really inspired my running regime, I have enjoyed it. Yesterday I got to a part where there is a big discussion about barefoot running.

The talk centers around one guy, Barefoot Ted, and what led him to his barefoot ways. It involves back pain while running and a long search for the solution. Along the way he tried various fancy shoes, from top of the line sneakers to Kangoo shoes from Sweden.

Wait, what?

What are Kangoo shoes, you ask? Well, it turns out, I know firsthand just what the deal is with Kangoo shoes. That’s because my friends and I bought a Groupon for a Kangoo Hip Hop Dance class a few months ago. If you’re still not sure what that means (and why should you be since I haven’t explained it at all), perhaps you should just watch this video:

That’s basically what we did for an hour. Only a lot less graceful. Think less coordination, but more laughter. Needless to say, I can understand why Kangoo shoes were not the answer Barefoot Ted was looking for.

However, that in no way means I’m ready to run sans shoes out in the wilds of New York or anywhere for that matter. It’s simply to demonstrate a connection to my audiobook and a certain level of cheapness that will convince me to take almost any fitness class if the price is right.


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