A Trip and A Tropper

One Last Thing Before I GoSo I didn’t exactly plan to take off blogging for more than a week. It just sort of happened. A Yankees game, dinner with friends, packing and a trip to Napa got in the way. Seeing as all of those things (minus the packing) are quite fun, I can’t complain.

But I’m back and I’m ready to get back at it. Unfortunately, you’ll note the above list did not include reading. I did do a little of that, but not perhaps the amount I should have.

However, it’s quality over quantity over here and I did read quality. I finally read Jonathan Tropper’s new book! Of course, I say finally as if it has been languishing on my shelves for months or years when in fact it had been in my possession for a mere month and it technically hasn’t even gone on sale yet. What can I say, a Jonathan Tropper novel burns a hole in my figurative pocket.

One Last Thing Before I Go is a little sadder than the previous Tropper novels I’ve read. While you wouldn’t think things got much sadder than sitting shiva for a parent like in This Is Where I Leave You, this new book really just tugged at my heartstrings. It’s about a rockstar has-been who finds out he is dying. He hates himself for abandoning his daughter and now ex-wife and decides he’d rather become a better man than have life-saving surgery.

Still, even amid my tears, I found myself smiling. Tropper’s still got his characteristic wit.

Now, when does the next one come out?


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