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Up Next (And Next) (And Next)

How To Be a WomanThings are about to get hectic, y’all. (I can say y’all because I’m marrying a southerner.) The wedding is in less than a week! Then comes just enough days back in New York to unpack, celebrate Carley’s birthday, and repack before heading off to our honeymoon. That means this might be my last blog post for a long while. I know, I know, I’ll miss you too. But when I return life should be calmer which means back to regular blogging! At least that’s the plan.

While I’m gone, though, I still hoping to read up a storm. What with four flights in the upcoming weeks, it shouldn’t be that hard.

It seems, then, to be time to pick another book from my mom’s list. Can you believe there are only 6 titles left? Me neither! Unfortunately, none of the books left really fall into the category of “fun” books I am in search of for the honeymoon. So, while I’ve decided Rebecca Walker’s Baby Love will be next, it might have to await my return to real life. The book is described as such:

“Like many women her age, thirty-four-year-old Rebecca Walker was brought up to be skeptical of motherhood. As an adult she longed for a baby but feared losing her independence. In this very smart memoir, Walker explores some of the larger sociological trends of her generation while delivering her own story about the emotional and intellectual transformation that led her to motherhood.”

Not exactly romantic reading, eh? Or light reading. And I won’t even get into the fact that motherhood is not on the mind.

Anyway, other books that may actually get read on this trip include Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. While they couldn’t be more different, both are books that my coworkers have raved about so I’ve loaded them up on the ol’ Kindle.

Any other suggestions? Get them in now!


A Book Club And A New Audio

Ready Player OneThis blog post goes out to Lauren Gochman. She requested a blog post and I like to honor requests. Plus she sent me this great article about Jonathan Tropper.

Last night book club met to discuss Gone Girl. It was a great discussion full of a lot of “wtfs” and “wasn’t it so messed up when…” Almost everyone had read the book and almost everyone had opinions and questions. Which all added up to one really good book club. Nice food and delicious cookies helped too. As an aside, I would highly recommend Gone Girl even though it is completely crazy.

However, this isn’t the Gone Girl Official Fan Website™ so I will move on. I recently finished the Chaperone audiobook. While I felt it dragged at the end (it could have ended chapters earlier), I enjoyed it up until that point. Plus I really liked having Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern read to me.

Now that I’ve finished The Chaperone, I started Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and read by Wil Wheaton:

At once wildly original and stuffed with irresistible nostalgia, READY PLAYER ONE is a spectacularly genre-busting, ambitious, and charming debut—part quest novel, part love story, and part virtual space opera set in a universe where spell-slinging mages battle giant Japanese robots, entire planets are inspired by Blade Runner, and flying DeLoreans achieve light speed.

I know that tidbit doesn’t really tell you what the novel is about per se, but it is pretty cool. The book takes place in 2044 and life isn’t going so well. People spend most of their time in a virtual reality called The Oasis in order to avoid the mess that is the real world. It turns out that the late founder of The Oasis, James Halliday, has hidden a secret in the virtual world and the person who finds it will win tons of money and power. Wade Watts is hoping to be that person.

It doesn’t exactly sound like my kind of book, but I’ve heard lots of good things so I thought I would try it in audio. I’ve been told there are a lot of 80s references and, well, I like 80s pop music. To be honest, so far I am enjoying it but I do think it is more of a boy book. More specifically, it seems to be a book that would be perfect for my brother. Adam, if you’re reading this, let’s discuss in Florida next week. K, cool.

On top of the new audiobook, I’ve also been reading some books for work which have kept me occupied. I’m also in the midst of loading up my Kindle in advance of the honeymoon so any recommendations on that front are welcome. I may not be here that often, but books are still on the top of my mind (that space is just crowded with some other stuff too right now).

A Review of No Time To Wave Goodbye (Sort of) (Finally)

No Time To Wave GoodbyeAs I mentioned when I last blogged (if you can remember that far back), I did in fact finish reading No Time To Wave Goodbye by Jacquelyn Mitchard from my mom’s list. It is a sequel to The Deep End of the Ocean which I read shortly before in order to know what was going on.

Of course that was all a few weeks ago by now, so it’s a little fuzzy. But I feel like it still deserves a post if only so I can have something to link to when I cross off the title to the right.

While I was on the fence about The Deep End of the Ocean (pretty good but really played on your emotions), I didn’t really like No Time To Wave Goodbye. I mean how much tragedy can one family suffer? (Don’t answer that.) That aside, I felt it was quite disjointed. While the first book dragged on a little, the sequel jumped right in without establishing enough of a foundation. On the plus side, it was a little less heavy on the emotions, but perhaps that was due to the insufficient set-up.

It was nice, however, to catch up with the Cappadoras. Before tragedy struck, yet again, I appreciated seeing how far the family had come since last we saw them in The Deep End of the Ocean. Whenever I am emotionally invested in a story, I wish I could know what happens after the book ends. Now I know.

With No Time To Wave Goodbye down, my mom’s list is dwindling. What should I read next?

Gone Girl Gets Inside My Head

Gillian FlynnSo the Big Day is less than three weeks away and I’m pretty much freaking out. I like to think I project an air of calm cool collectedness (probably not true), but I’ve spent so much time working on/worrying aboutthe wedding that reading and blogging has taken a back seat.

Until this weekend. Before this weekend, I had found time here and there to read a chapter of Gone Girl at a time. It was slow going. Then this weekend I allowed myself to just sit and read. For hours.

There’s nothing like relaxing with a book that is nice and messed up.

Yes, Gone Girl is messed up but deliciously so. I really liked it. The twists! The turns! It makes me question the personality of author Gillian Flynn (pictured here) that she could think it all up. The end did not leave me entirely satisfied but I know that is part of the whole thing. I won’t say more because it’s our book club pick this month and I don’t want to spoil it for any members (or really any of my readers).

I just can’t wait to discuss it!

Oh, and by the way I did in fact finish reading Jacquelyn Mitchard’s No Time To Wave Goodbye. I probably should have blogged about that today but I didn’t remember until just now… after having written the above post. Next time… whenever that is. But do know I am still dedicated to finishing my mom’s list.

A Message From The Worst Blogger Ever… And More Gone Girl

Gone GirlSo I didn’t mean to be the most delinquent blogger (since Edelson Shmedelson at least). It’s just this little event taking place in less than a month that’s totally distracting me. And I can only sort of blame the bachelorette party. The rest of my absence has been a result of lots of work – of both the career and wedding variety. Dear readers, I apologize.

I hope to make it up to you by talking about Gone Girl even more. Okay, I get it, you’re sick of hearing about it. That’s what happens when a book is everywhere. And now it’s one more place… at my book club! Since so many people in the group were already reading it or about to read it, the pick made sense.

So Gone Girl gets to move up on my TBR list to the next book I read after Jacquelyn Mitchard’s No Time To Wave Goodbye. And now I have it in my possession. In fact, I have an Advance Reader Edition passed to me from a coworker who got it from a coworker who got it from a coworker. It’s gotten around.

While I can’t promise when the next time I blog will be (I will be back more regularly post honeymoon, I swear!), I hope to have some good things to report when I do.