Up Next (And Next) (And Next)

How To Be a WomanThings are about to get hectic, y’all. (I can say y’all because I’m marrying a southerner.) The wedding is in less than a week! Then comes just enough days back in New York to unpack, celebrate Carley’s birthday, and repack before heading off to our honeymoon. That means this might be my last blog post for a long while. I know, I know, I’ll miss you too. But when I return life should be calmer which means back to regular blogging! At least that’s the plan.

While I’m gone, though, I still hoping to read up a storm. What with four flights in the upcoming weeks, it shouldn’t be that hard.

It seems, then, to be time to pick another book from my mom’s list. Can you believe there are only 6 titles left? Me neither! Unfortunately, none of the books left really fall into the category of “fun” books I am in search of for the honeymoon. So, while I’ve decided Rebecca Walker’s Baby Love will be next, it might have to await my return to real life. The book is described as such:

“Like many women her age, thirty-four-year-old Rebecca Walker was brought up to be skeptical of motherhood. As an adult she longed for a baby but feared losing her independence. In this very smart memoir, Walker explores some of the larger sociological trends of her generation while delivering her own story about the emotional and intellectual transformation that led her to motherhood.”

Not exactly romantic reading, eh? Or light reading. And I won’t even get into the fact that motherhood is not on the mind.

Anyway, other books that may actually get read on this trip include Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. While they couldn’t be more different, both are books that my coworkers have raved about so I’ve loaded them up on the ol’ Kindle.

Any other suggestions? Get them in now!


One response to “Up Next (And Next) (And Next)

  1. your wedding is so so soon

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