Baby’s Got a Brand New E-Reader

New iPadWay back when I got married. What I forgot to mention was the great gift Andrew gave me to celebrate the occasion. He bought me this new e-reader. I believe it’s called an iPad?

Sorry, I know that sounds like bragging. And maybe it is a little. But mostly I’m just excited! The iPad was perfect for our trip to France. Not only did we not need to lug around a laptop, but the iPad’s Google Maps magically worked when we were out on the road nowhere near WiFi. (Trust me, we needed those Google Maps.)

One of the aspects I am most looking forward to, though, is the new e-reading possibilites. While I already have a Kindle (and so downloaded the Kindle app), the iPad opens up so many new opportunities. I already added the Nook app and I’m considering the iBookstore. I love that I’m no longer tied to Amazon. I can keep buying Amazon e-books, but now I have options. I can spread the e-commerce love around. I can support a physical bookstore with my digital purchase. I can take my money wherever I’d like. And so forth.

So I have to give Andrew thanks for a wonderful present. I just can’t decide what’s better: the iPad or Andrew’s other wedding gift to me…


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