Beautiful Ruins Book Club

Beautiful RuinsLast night, book club met to discuss Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. Well, at least some of book club met. It was a much smaller group than usual and only a few people had finished the book. This is a travesty mostly because I really liked the book and thus think that everyone should read it. The small number of people who actually read it also meant a much shorter discussion.

Of those that did read Beautiful Ruins, the opinions were mixed. Some people (me!) really liked it. A couple were less convinced. They thought there might have been a few too many story lines. While I can understand this concern, I’m a sucker for multiple plots that are all really well tied together in the end. I mean, I loved A Visit From The Goon Squad.

The highlight of book club may have been the food though. Maggie and Steph made a delicious salad, delicious eggplant parmigiana (appropriately Italian themed), and delicious cookies. Good times.

Carley and I are up next for hosting. Any good book club book suggestions out there?


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