Next Up: America America

It’s time for me to go back to my mom’s list. This time, I’ll be reading America America. And now this isn’t one of those rules-you-make-while-laying-Kings things where you have to say the last word of every sentence twice twice.

The only reason I’ve been putting off Ethan Canin’s America America I think is because it is almost 500 pages. But I am on a reading roll. Plus with the weather as it is now, I’ve got nothing but time to read, am I right? And so what better day to time to tackle America America?

Here’s the synopsis according to Amazon:

In the early 1970s, Corey Sifter, the son of working-class parents, becomes a yard boy on the grand estate of the powerful Metarey family. Soon, through the family’s generosity, he is a student at a private boarding school and an aide to the great New York senator Henry Bonwiller, who is running for president. Before long, Corey finds himself involved with one of the Metarey daughters as well, and he begins to leave behind the world of his upbringing. As the Bonwiller campaign gains momentum, Corey finds himself caught up in a complex web of events in which loyalty, politics, sex, and gratitude conflict with morality, love, and the truth. Ethan Canin’s stunning novel is about America as it was and is, a remarkable exploration of how vanity, greatness, and tragedy combine to change history and fate.

Sounds like it covers a lot of ground so let’s get started.

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