Since I Haven’t Had Enough of Politics…

Game ChangeIt’s been two weeks since I finished Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One audiobook. (It was good but a little boyish for me.) Two long weeks. In those two weeks, I’ve been forced to listen to music on my walks around the city. Not that there’s anything wrong with music, but I probably only have about 50 songs on my iPhone so the playlist gets old fast. Plus, I’ve trained my mind to expect something more! Something narrative! Something with more intelligent words than “My Humps” (which I am sad to report is one of the 50 songs).

The lengthy pause between audiobooks is simply due to a bit of indecision on my part. Well, that and four days without power. I just could not figure out what to listen to next. Since I don’t exactly speed through my audiobooks, I need to be ready to commit to lots of time with whatever audiobook I choose.

This weekend I finally decided. And to understand how I chose, we need to back up to the dark days. And by “dark days,” I mean literally dark days. While we had no power, Alli happened to mention that while hiding out from Hurricane Sandy, she had made Dani and Maxi watch the HBO movie Game Change with her. (This was, of course, before the power went out.) Game Change is the movie based on the 2008 election and it turns out all three really enjoyed it!

So at this point, any normal person would decide, “Great! I’ll watch the movie.” Or maybe, they would think “That sounds interesting, but I’ve just heard so many political ads, received way more political emails than I ever wanted, and have election coverage coming out of my ears and so I need at least a year to recover from the politics overload.” Fortunately or unfortunately, I am far from being any “normal” person. Instead, I thought maybe I should listen to the audiobook of the book that the movie is based on.

And thus this long-winded blog post comes to an end with the basic announcement that I am now listening to Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, read by Dennis Boutsikaris.


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