Andrew, Gone Girl, and Me

Gone GirlFor weeks, I’ve been hounding Andrew to read Gone Girl. It’s a complete mindfuck (pardon the language) and I thought he’d enjoy it. Plus, I thought I’d enjoy reliving the mindfuckery (sorry, again) through him.

Well, he’s finally started it. But it turns out it’s a little harder for me than I thought it would be. I want to talk to him about all the twists and turns before he’s even gotten there. Every few minutes I ask him what part he’s up to. Then I try to remember what has and hasn’t been revealed yet. Then I just paste an innocuous smile on my face and nod. Sometimes I add a “hmm” or “mm yes yes.” I will not ruin it, I will not ruin it, I repeat to myself.

I’m not sure if overall Andrew will like Gone Girl or not but I think he will definitely be intrigued. And I’m intrigued to see just how intrigued he is. Yes, I’m a nerd.


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