Teapots for Book Lovers

Jane Austin TeapotBlogging is hard when I am not starting or finishing any new books. It really cuts down on the things I have to write about here, you know?

That’s why I love when I come across other articles/posts/pictures/nonsense that I can somehow relate to books/reading/my family/my life. Which is how I’ve come to post about teapots inspired by books.

Follow me here. I am catching up on my Google Reader in an effort to find something to blog about and put off straightening my hair. I come across a Book Riot post about bookish teapots. (I also come across an interview with Judd Apatow which leads me to Maude Apatow’s Twitter which I am now obsessed with. But I digress.) And that’s all it takes.

If you check out the Book Riot post you’ll see a Peter Rabbit teapot, an Edgar Allen Poe teapot, and more in addition to the Jane Austen one I included here. The teapots remind me of my mom. Not because she necessarily would own any of the ones included but because it brings to mind the fact that my mom sort of collected teapots. I say sort of because it wasn’t a serious collection. She only had a few but it was a start. I once bought her one from Anthropologie that was a hit. And new additions would have been welcomed. I think, as someone who also loved books, my mom would have been delighted to add these (or okay probably one based on a memoir or something since that was clearly her reading thing or something) to her small group. A book-inspired teapot? It’s a great combination of her interests. Just throw in some Anne Taylor clothes and a Say Yes to the Dress episode and it would be perfect.

So is this connection a stretch? Yes and no. It’s not exactly the most relevant blog post but anything that reminds me of something different about my mom is worth it in my opinion.

(Picture: Jane Austen Collectors Teapots via Book Riot)


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