The Secret History is History…

The Secret History…Or something like. My attempt to play off book titles doesn’t always work.

So I’m aware I haven’t written a whole lot here lately. And it’s not even because I’m all that busy. (Okay, I’m a little busy.) It’s just that Donna Tartt’s The Secret History has been monopolizing my reading brain and my reading brain is very much connected to my blogging brain.

Now that I’ve finished The Secret History my brain is ready for new books and new blog posts. The fact that the novel took me so long to read does not reflect on its quality but rather its length. The Secret History clocks in at more than 500 pages. While I think the book could have cut a lot of fat (I know the Greek background was important in setting up parts of the book but I could have done with much less), it was a good read. I found it really interesting that the author foreshadowed the biggest events so early in the book. Is it even called foreshadowing when the author outright tells you what’s going to happen? Regardless, it was a surprising move but one that put the focus on how all the characters handled the event rather than the event itself… which when it happens is quite brief and glossed over.

This is one of those books that would make a good book club book because I think different people would have different reactions to it. It’s not making a list of favorites of mine, but I’m glad I got to this one, which had been on my to-be-read list for so long. It was a solid literary novel that I’m happy to have on my shelf.


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