A Week of Reading… Recipes

Smitten Kitchen cookbookThe missing Middlesteins still hasn’t turned up and it’s not looking good. There just aren’t that many places it could be hiding. Is it possible a book could sprout legs and walk away?

Since I’ve been holding out hope that The Middlesteins will magically reappear, I haven’t started a different novel in its place. (Or caved and bought a new copy yet).

But that doesn’t mean it’s been a week devoid of reading. On the contrary, I have been avidly reading. It just so happens I’ve been reading The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Smitten Kitchen is a food blog that my friends and I are obsessed with that has spawned a beautiful cookbook. Deb Perelman, the woman behind the blog, recently visited Google and Carley was nice enough to get me a signed (!) copy of the cookbook.

Since I haven’t had a novel going, it’s given me plenty of time to dig into Smitten Kitchen. It makes great reading material because, much like on the blog, the cookbook contains a story behind almost every recipe.

The only problem with cookbook reading vs regular reading is that it makes me a lot hungrier.


One response to “A Week of Reading… Recipes

  1. You are not alone! Yesterday I made the grapefruit pound cake and popcorn cookies (I added chocolate chips). Both were delish!

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