My 2012 of Reading

Now that it’s absolutely definitely 2013, I guess I can finally look back on 2012. I’d have to say it was a pretty good year. I married a wonderful guy and I read a ton of books. Those are the important things, right?

Let’s break down the reading with some stats:

  • I consumed 55 books total
  • I read 48 print books
  • I listened to 7 audiobooks
  • 13 books came from my mom’s list
  • 7 books were book club picks
  • 11 books were nonfiction and of those 6.5 were memoirs (What is the 0.5 you ask? Well, I’d say How To Be a Woman was a little bit memoir, a little bit not)

And since it’s January we’ve got to talk resolutions. For 2012, I really just carried over my 2011 resolutions. Those were:

  1. Read/listen to more of my company’s books
  2. Read more non-memoir non-fiction
  3. Finish my mom’s list
  4. Beat this year’s reading total

I did much better meeting these goals in 2012 than I did in 2011. I beat last year’s total books read by four and I definitely read/listened to more of my company’s books. And while, 4.5 nonfiction books doesn’t sound like a lot, it is a vast improvement over 2011.

The only resolution I didn’t complete is #3. But in my defense, I got close! There are only two books left on my mom’s list.

So what should I try and accomplish in 2013? Here are my ideas for now:

  1. Beat this year’s reading total (It’s a good one, might as well keep it)
  2. Read a important backlist books that I’ve never read before
  3. Listen to even more audiobooks
  4. Continue to explore nonficiton
  5. Finish my mom’s list!

I think 2013’s goals are less quantitative but still a good way to push my reading self.

Any reading resolutions on your end?


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