A Review of Miles From Nowhere

Miles from NowhereOne of the millions of books I read over my holiday break (five is like a million, right?) was Nami Mun’s Miles From Nowhere.

I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it again, but I don’t understand my mom’s reading list. There are just so many memoirs filled with broken families and addiction riddled people. Maybe she just liked reading about lives so different from her own?

Truth be told, Miles From Nowhere doesn’t exactly fall into either of these categories since it is in fact a novel. But it reads like a memoir and one that contains both a broken family and addiction. Miles From Nowhere tells the story of Joon, a Korean immigrant, whose family is a mess. Her father is frequently leaving them causing her mother to fall apart and completely ignore her daughter. So around the age of 13, Joon decides she’s better off on her own and runs away. From there she makes friends on the street, loses friends on the street, sells herself for money, and does lots and lots of drugs.

One of the best parts of the book is the writing. Nami knows how to write a sentence. Plus, she has the added bonus of a really appealing protagonist. Despite all the bad decisions, I feel for Joon and root for her to overcome all the odds.

The book is actually made up of short stories about Joon’s life. While this gives a good overall snapshot of what she went through, it doesn’t allow for very much resolution. Often story lines aren’t seen all the way through. Even the end of the book is a little ambiguous though there is hope. Joon has tried to get help and seems to be making progress.

With Miles From Nowhere down, only two books left on my mom’s list to go!


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