Book Club, The Middlesteins, and Food

The MiddlesteinsEarlier this week book club met to discuss Jami Attenberg’s The Middlesteins. Appropriately enough, the night involved plenty of delicious food prepared by Dani and Alli. I scarfed down vegetable lasagna, broccoli, garlic bread, and lots and lots of fruit dipped in chocolate fondue… I mean I had to get into the spirit of the book, am I right?

As for the book itself, the group had mixed feelings. A few of us really liked the book, mostly for the way it was written. We really appreciated the different perspectives, peeks into the characters’ futures, and overall structure. Others found that not enough happened and that the characters were too unlikeable. I don’t disagree with those criticisms, but I thought the benefits outweighed (no pun intended?) the negatives. It probably won’t end up on my favorites of the year list, but I’m certainly very glad I read it.

I’m even more glad that I found my coworker’s copy. I forgot to mention that last week Maggie miraculously located the missing Middlesteins. And by “miraculously located” I mean she spotted the book in plain sight on my bookshelf that I somehow managed to overlook multiple times. Oops.

What food to serve at the next book club has already been discussed. The actual book pick… that will come later. We think about the important things.


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