Next Up: The Thin Place

The Thin PlaceI can’t believe there are only two books left on my mom’s list! And neither is available for Kindle so that certainly didn’t help make the decision of what to read next. At this point, the choice pretty much came down to a game of “eeny meeny miney mo.”

“Mo” landed on Kathryn Davis’ The Thin Place:

The prize-winning author of Versailles tells the story of a small New England village unsettled by a young girl’s unearthly gift. In Varennes, a town near the Canadian border, three girls come across the body of a dead man on the local lake’s beach. Two of them run to get help, but twelve-year-old Mees Kipp stays with the body and somehow, inexplicably, brings it back to life. Her mysterious gift is at the center of this haunting and transcendent novel.

Sounds weird, but if my mom wanted to read it, I’ll read it. Now comes the part where I have to get a copy. This might be the perfect time to break out my library card (finally!). I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m reading a book for work that I’m really liking. I’ll tell you all about it soon!


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