The Good Event for The Good House

The Good HouseThis week The Good House by Ann Leary (wife of actor Dennis Leary) went on sale. I read The Good House and I have only good things to say about it. The story takes place in a small Massachusetts town and centers on Hildy Good. She’s a good real estate agent, she’s a good mother, and she’s a good friend. Good, good, good. The only thing is, she’s also an alcoholic. Just don’t tell her that. Her unreliability as a narrator is part of what makes the book so enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, the other night I went to Ann Leary’s book reading and signing at Barnes and Noble on the Upper West Side. Ann was a really entertaining speaker and took a lot of good questions. Mary Beth Hurt,the narrator of the audiobook and an actress who appeared in many 80s movies, did a fantastic reading from the book.

Following the gathering at Barnes and Noble, there was a fun little party to celebrate The Good House. By the way, Michael J. Fox gave this quote about Taylor Swift at the event and it ended up in US Weekly (thanks Maggie!). That really has nothing to do with anything, but still cool to share. Good times!

(This post, appropriately, may contain a record number of usages of the word “good”)


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