Love Walked In On My Nightstand

Love Walked InFor the first time in a long time, I found myself unsure of what new book to read. Usually there is a work book that I really need to get to, a book club book waiting to be addressed, or some bestseller I’ve been dying to dive into. But not this week. I mean sure, there are plenty of work books that I could/should be reading, a book club pick is likely forthcoming, and there are still plenty of bestsellers that require my attention, but nothing urgent.

Instead of hitting that oh-so-tempting “one click to buy” button from my Kindle, I browsed old-school. That is, I meandered (as much as one can meander in a teeny tiny New York apartment) over to my bookshelf. There I discovered many previously ignored choices. Middlesex very nearly shouted at me to pick it up. How can I have gone this long without reading it? And yet, I decided I needed a break from long books.

That’s when I saw the fairly slim (is 307 pages considered slim?) paperback of Love Walked In squeezed between two larger books. When I bought Love Walked In I knew nothing about it except that it is written by Marisa de los Santos, an author my mom recommended to me. I still know nothing about it except that it is written by Marisa de los Santos, an author my mom strongly recommended to me, and whatever the back copy says. That will change, though, in a mere 307 pages.

Or should I say 303 pages. I managed to get through a whopping four pages last night before falling asleep. That is not a commentary on the book at all and rather just a note about how incredibly tired I was.


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