Marisa De Los Santos And Me

Belong To MeThe other day I  randomly plucked Loved Walked In off my shelf. I bought it on a whim a couple of years ago because my mom had recommended the author, Marisa de los Santos, and I chose it now because it looked like a quick, light read.

At first I was skeptical. The story is told from two alternating perspectives: 27-year-old Cornelia and 11-year-old Clare. For some reason, Cornelia rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning. She spoke to the reader too much and with too many asides. (I probably write like this… which is why I don’t read things I write.) However, I immediately liked Clare. What can I say, I have a soft spot for precocious child narrators.

The gist of the story is that Clare’s mother has been acting strangely and Clare is trying hard to keep her life together. At the same time, Cornelia is dating a man she thinks she really likes but isn’t so sure. She’s also not so sure about the rest of her life and what she’s doing with it. Then Clare walks into Cornelia’s coffee shop and both are changed because of it.

It’s pure women’s fiction. But sometimes I like a good pure women’s fiction book. With Love Walked In, I went from skeptical to satisfied.

So when it came to choosing my next book and no grand ideas appeared, I picked up the other Marisa de los Santos book on my shelf. I had ignored it the first time around because it is longer and I had been in the mood for something short. Turns out that was a great decision because Belong To Me is in fact the sequel (of sorts) to Love Walked In. I had no idea.

My mom actually gave me this copy of Belong To Me so it’s nice to be holding something of hers. That didn’t stop me from once again starting off skeptical about the book though. Again, it’s pure women’s fiction. This one’s told from three different characters perspectives: Cornelia, Piper (the mean neighbor who is clearly going to become less mean), and 13-year-old boy genius Dev. Clare was my favorite character from Love Walked In and I was disappointed that she wasn’t a main feature again.  But I’m 100 pages in and I’m already rushing to finish this post so I can go back to reading.

And by “so I can go back to reading” what I really mean is “so I can go watch Grey’s… and then read.”

[Update: Clare has just made an appearance in the book so I can stop complaining.]



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