Defending Jacob in Vail

Defending JacobTonight Andrew and I join his family in Vail for a long weekend. Since ski bunny I am not, I envision much time spent with a good book in front of a good fire.

More likely this scenario will involve chatting, games, and wine in front of a good fire. I can’t complain since all of the above are a few of my favorite things.

For my vacation reading I’ve chosen Defending Jacob by William Landay. I’ve heard good things both from reviews and from friends. The author’s website gives me a little peek into what I’m getting myself into:

At home, Andy Barber is a quiet family man, a devoted husband and father. At work, he is a trusted senior prosecutor, the District Attorney’s right hand and master trial lawyer. When a teenaged boy is found dead in the woods near Barber’s suburban home, naturally he takes on the investigation, as he has countless homicides before. But the case may be Barber’s undoing: in a terrifying swerve, Barber’s own 14-year-old son, Jacob, is accused of the murder.

While not exactly lighthearted, Defending Jacob should be a compelling read. And even if I don’t find myself curling up in front of the fire with it, I know I’ll certainly be curling up on the airplane with it. As much as one can curl up on an airplane (sorry in advance Andrew).

See you all next week!

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