An Extended Vacation Full of Reading

VailLast week a big chunk of the Edelson clan met up in Vail for a little vacation. For Andrew and I, this “little” vacation became a bit bigger. That’s because, as per our travel luck, we were stuck in Denver an extra couple of days thanks to a snowstorm.

Fortunately, I was prepared. Even after a planeful of reading on the way to Colorado, I had plenty of Defending Jacob left to go by the time we spent an extended stay in the Aloft Denver International Airport Hotel. By the time we touched down in Newark two days later and a different airport than expected, I was done with William Landay’s novel and onto a new book for work.

Well before I bought Defending Jacob, I had heard about it. Everywhere I turned people were reading it and we considered it for book club more than once. When it came time to pick a vacation book, it seemed like the natural choice. And I’m glad I did. For a long book, it’s a quick read. While it’s not a super action-packed thriller by any means, it kept me hooked and the twist at the end was an interesting surprise. Some people I talked to hated the ending and some really liked it. I’m in the “liked it” camp. Without going into too much detail, I thought it provided an unusual conclusion without being quite so Gone Girl unsatisfying.

If you’ve read Defending Jacob, what did you think of the end? (Without giving it away of course…)


2 responses to “An Extended Vacation Full of Reading

  1. Very unusual ending and will leave it at that. If you read it for book club maybe I will join in…Definitely better then Gone Girl!
    xo Joni

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