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My Name in a Book!

Beer ManI typically don’t talk about the manuscripts I read for work, but I am going to make a tiny exception and that’s only to mention one small detail in the book I just read…

A character has the last name of Beerman! That’s my last name! Well, that was my last name up until very recently and I will always be a Beerman at heart.

Anyway, I was really excited to see the name because I’ve never met a Beerman I wasn’t related to that spelled it the same way. And I’ve certainly never read a book with a character with the name spelled the same way.

We Beermans are entering the pop culture realm I guess.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

(That is the first picture that came up when I Google image searched “Beerman.”)


Reading From The List

The Thin PlaceI have been the worst blogger lately and I don’t even have a good excuse.

I’ve finally finished reading a bunch of manuscripts for work (and by finished, I mean finished for now…) so I am actually heading back to my mom’s list. Only two left! Have I mentioned that once or twice or ten times yet?

The Thin Place by Kathryn Davis arrived on my doorstep/in my mailbox a few weeks ago and I will be cracking it open this week. That is when I’m not reading the Haggadah for Passover.

While the book sounds a little strange to me, I’m looking forward to crossing another one off my mom’s list. I can’t believe I started this project more than three years ago and now it’s slowly (very slowly) coming to an end.

I also need a new audiobook to listen to. Any recommendations?

I Won! I Won!

The Silver StarI won a book! It’s no vacation or car, but since I never win anything I’ll take a free book.

Through Goodreads’ giveaway  program, I was randomly selected to receive a copy of Jeannette Walls’ The Silver Star: A Novel. Here’s the description from Goodreads:

It is 1970. “Bean” Holladay is twelve and her sister Liz is fifteen when their artistic mother Charlotte, a woman “who flees every place she’s ever lived at the first sign of trouble,” takes off to “find herself.” She leaves her girls enough money for food to last a month or two. But when Bean gets home from school one day and sees a police car outside the house, she and Liz board a bus from California to Virginia, where their widowed Uncle Tinsley lives in the decaying antebellum mansion that’s been in the family for generations.

An impetuous optimist, Bean discovers who her father was and learns many stories about why their mother left Virginia in the first place. Money is tight, so Liz and Bean start babysitting and doing office work for Jerry Maddox, foreman of the mill in town, a big man who bullies workers, tenants, and his wife. Bean adores her whip-smart older sister, inventor of word games, reader of Edgar Allan Poe, non-conformist. But when school starts in the fall, it’s Bean who easily adjusts and makes friends, and Liz who becomes increasingly withdrawn. And then something happens to Liz in the car with Maddox.

I’m really looking forward to the book because I’ve read and liked Walls memoir The Glass Castle about her very dysfunctional family. In fact, it was so nice I read it twice. (Okay, that was an accident because I didn’t remember I’d already read it but still.)

This is Walls first novel so I’m interested to see how she does with material that doesn’t come directly from her life. Then again, the description indicates that Walls’ odd childhood maybe be at least a little bit of an inspiration. We shall see…

Book Club Does Penumbra

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour BookstoreLast night book club met to eat lots of kale and discuss Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

I liked Penumbra when I read it… unfortunately that was a quite a few months ago so my memory of it was a little rusty. As such, my contribution to the discussion was minimal besides providing some fun facts about the book’s author and background. (For example, although the book features Google heavily, Sloan used to work at Twitter.)

As for the others, it seemed most of them enjoyed the book. That is except for one notable exception who felt it was quite the Google propaganda. The rest weren’t bothered by it and liked the story even if they felt some of the plot went a little slowly. I personally appreciated the intersection between technology and old school books. All in all, well received.

Now we just await the announcement of our next book club pick.

Awesome Fahrenheit 451 Cover

I read Fahrenheit 451 in middle school? High school? I can’t remember when, but I can remember really liking it.

Today I stumbled upon this very cool cover of the book, which turns the novel into a matchbook, created by graphic designer Elizabeth Perez. See how cool:

fahrenheit451bookcover-980x730It exploded on Reddit and now I am spreading it to the far reaches of the internet thanks to Reading for Robin. Enjoy!

(via Elizabeth Perez via GalleyCat)

A Book Buying Weekend

I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. That is, unless you consider catching up on over a week’s worth of TV “doing a lot.” I’m guessing you don’t.

However, I did do a little literary purchasing. For one thing, I finally bought a copy of Kathryn Davis’ The Thin Place in paperback. I bet you were beginning to think I’d given up on finishing my mom’s list and with only two books left too. But, you see, it was a New Year’s resolution to finish in 2013 so why rush? I didn’t want to peak too early.

In reality, I have just been focusing on reading books for work (okay, and Defending Jacob). But in just 4-14 days I will have The Thin Place in my possession and can start it whenever I want.

I’ve also been on the hunt for a new audiobook since finishing Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Yesterday I decided on listening to The Great Gatsby. It’s a classic. Plus, with the movie coming out in April and the fact that I haven’t read it since high school, I figured it was time for a little brushing up. There were a few versions to choose from so I went with the one narrated by Tim Robbins because, well, because I’ve heard of him. Regardless of who is narrating, I will probably be picturing Leonardo DiCaprio since he stars in the movie and who doesn’t want to picture Leonardo DiCaprio on a regular basis?

Take a look: