A Book Buying Weekend

I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. That is, unless you consider catching up on over a week’s worth of TV “doing a lot.” I’m guessing you don’t.

However, I did do a little literary purchasing. For one thing, I finally bought a copy of Kathryn Davis’ The Thin Place in paperback. I bet you were beginning to think I’d given up on finishing my mom’s list and with only two books left too. But, you see, it was a New Year’s resolution to finish in 2013 so why rush? I didn’t want to peak too early.

In reality, I have just been focusing on reading books for work (okay, and Defending Jacob). But in just 4-14 days I will have The Thin Place in my possession and can start it whenever I want.

I’ve also been on the hunt for a new audiobook since finishing Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Yesterday I decided on listening to The Great Gatsby. It’s a classic. Plus, with the movie coming out in April and the fact that I haven’t read it since high school, I figured it was time for a little brushing up. There were a few versions to choose from so I went with the one narrated by Tim Robbins because, well, because I’ve heard of him. Regardless of who is narrating, I will probably be picturing Leonardo DiCaprio since he stars in the movie and who doesn’t want to picture Leonardo DiCaprio on a regular basis?

Take a look:

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