Big, Bold, and Graphic

Bottomless Belly ButtonFor the past two weeks I’ve been extremely busy thanks mostly to work. In that time, however, Dash Shaw’s Bottomless Belly Button finally arrived. I have to say it is quite a bit bigger than a belly button. There are no page numbers (weird) but it’s a door-stopper. I certainly won’t be toting this one along on my trip to Chicago this weekend.

I assume that despite it’s lengthiness it won’t take me that long to get through Bottomless Belly Button seeing as it is all pictures. Which brings me to a funny anecdote. As someone who works in the industry, I sometimes forget that not everyone knows the lingo. This led to an amusing exchange with a friend (hi Stacy!). I mentioned to her that the last book on my mom’s list is a graphic novel and I have no idea how my mom would have heard about it. Stacy said, with a sly smile, maybe a friend recommended it. I complained that I couldn’t get it in “e” format because of the pictures and Stacy looked at me wide-eyed and said “There are pictures??” Apparently when I said “graphic novel” she thought I meant “erotic novel.” Oops!

In fact, a graphic novel is a book told in the format of comics. I’ve never read one, but I did used to fight my brother for control of the Sunday comics. So that’s a start, right?


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