My mom Robin loved to shop, watch TV, go out to dinner, do crosswords and make fun of my dad. But most of all she loved to read. Some of her favorite topics of conversation revolved around books – what she had just read, what she was reading now and what she wanted to read next. Eventually, to keep track of it all, she started a reading list. In more recent years, the list moved from a small piece of paper in her wallet to a more formal word document on the computer. But even as the list became high tech, a physical version always existed in her purse so that at any moment, should she find herself in the vicinity of a library or bookstore, she’d be ready.

My mom passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 2, 2010. As people gathered to mourn her death, the topic inevitably turned to books. Her friends remarked that she had always been the one they looked to for recommendations. I know that I certainly went to my mom first whenever I needed a new book to read. Now that she’s gone, she has left behind a devastated husband, two devastated children and countless devastated friends. But she has also left behind her reading list. On it are 50 books and authors she intended to read. While she may not still have the chance to get to them all, I do. And I will. And it will all be chronicled here on “Reading for Robin.”

I may not still have my mom, but at least I still have her advice on what to read.

For the record: Everything posted on this blog is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer.


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  1. Sam, I’m so happy that you posted your Mom’s list! I used to have a list too, and we would constantly be comparing and swapping books. In fact, I just started the last book she loaned me…it’s The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. I’ll think of your Mom every time I pick it up…and I’ll be picking it up often, it’s over 600 pages! I also just bought Ann Tyler’s new book, Noah’s Compass, and was going to give it to her when I was finished. I’ll send both books over to your Dad’s when I’m finished with them.

  2. I met your mom at Bluefin one evening. I was there with the Berry family. I am so very sorry for your family’s loss. I love your blog and your mom’s list! How can I subsscribe to your blog? I don’t see that option? Thanks.
    Leeanna Fatovic

  3. Hi Leanna,

    I’m really glad you like the blog. I just added the ability to subscribe to the blog – it’s in the column to the right. I hope it works!

  4. Hi Leanna,
    I worked with your mom at Wiles Road Animal Hospital and suggested a book club when I first moved here from New York 4 years ago. Unfortunately because of my 2 young kids and work schedule, I didn’t make it for a very long time to book club. Even though I did not know her for long, I really loved Robin, I immediately was drawn to her for her kindness, and she was always great to be around. Over the last few months I ran into her in Fresh Market and a few other places around town and was able to chat a while. I told her to keep me on the book club list in case I would be able to go. Now I am very sad that I didn’t make it recently. I am very saddened by the news, but am so glad you posted her list. I wish all your family well. I feel blessed that I was able to know Robin.

  5. Sam, I found out about this site from Amy. I am so sorry for your loss. I just saw mom when Stephen and I were in Florida in January. Such a shock for everyone.

    This is such a beautiful tribute to her and I know she is so very proud of both you and Adam.

  6. Dear Robin,
    My sympathaies to you on the death of your mother. My novel, The Late, Lamented Molly Marx, is about the bonds between a mother and daughter, even after death. I noticed it on your mother’s reading list and hope you can get to the book soon, with the hope that it will bring you comfort along with entertaianment and some fun.

  7. Sam, Yor Dad told be about the blog I think it is an awesome tribute to your Mom and know that she is smiling in heaven with the thought of it

  8. hi-just happened upon your site and would love to chat w/you.
    i host a radio show devoted to my love of books -which i learned from my dear mother. i,too,have her books and have often thought of making a project out of reading all of them. my email is robin@readingwithrobin.com . please email
    all best, robin kall

  9. sam, you are beautiful. what a wonderful way to celebrate your mother.

  10. I just stumbled across your blog during one of my aimless Internet searches. Such a wonderful and unique topic for a blog. I am sorry you lost your mom, though; my mother died in 2001 and I am still grieving.


  11. What a wonderful way to pay respects to your mom. I admire your creativity and bravery. Good luck and happy reading!

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