A Review of No Time To Wave Goodbye (Sort of) (Finally)

No Time To Wave GoodbyeAs I mentioned when I last blogged (if you can remember that far back), I did in fact finish reading No Time To Wave Goodbye by Jacquelyn Mitchard from my mom’s list. It is a sequel to The Deep End of the Ocean which I read shortly before in order to know what was going on.

Of course that was all a few weeks ago by now, so it’s a little fuzzy. But I feel like it still deserves a post if only so I can have something to link to when I cross off the title to the right.

While I was on the fence about The Deep End of the Ocean (pretty good but really played on your emotions), I didn’t really like No Time To Wave Goodbye. I mean how much tragedy can one family suffer? (Don’t answer that.) That aside, I felt it was quite disjointed. While the first book dragged on a little, the sequel jumped right in without establishing enough of a foundation. On the plus side, it was a little less heavy on the emotions, but perhaps that was due to the insufficient set-up.

It was nice, however, to catch up with the Cappadoras. Before tragedy struck, yet again, I appreciated seeing how far the family had come since last we saw them in The Deep End of the Ocean. Whenever I am emotionally invested in a story, I wish I could know what happens after the book ends. Now I know.

With No Time To Wave Goodbye down, my mom’s list is dwindling. What should I read next?


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